Friday, October 12, 2012

Christy's Pizza

Our search for the best pizza in Licking County continues.  Tonight, Mrs. Zaaaa and I try another Newark pizza joint.
Christy's Pizza
15 E Church St 
Newark, OH 43055-5512

Christys is located in downtown Newark.  Mrs. Zaaaa had tried their pies before, but I was a Christy's virgin.  I asked the very nice man who took my phone call what Christy's was most known for and what they sold the most of.  I got two recommendations.  The most popular menu pizza at Christy's is the large pep and cheese.  Christy's has a pick up or dine in special on this 16 inch pizza at $11.  Sounded good.  

The second recommendation was for their Big C specialty pizza.  

The kind fellow told us this was his personal favorite from their selection of specialty pizzas.  We ordered a medium Big C.  

I was impressed with the Big C.  I think C stands for Copius toppings.  Piles of ham, sausage, ground beef, and chunks of onion.  Definitely a stout pizza.  The right amount of cheese was combined with a fresh-made, just flaky enough crust.  I'm a fan of this pizza.  My only suggestion to Christy's would be to make sure the toppings are spread from edge to shining edge.  Our pizza was loaded in the middle of the pie but got noticeably less toppings towards the pie rim.  Not a major foible, but a foible none the less (I was determined to use foible today...mission accomplished).   

Meanwhile, the wife became enamored with her post pie snack--white chocolate, candy corn flavored m & m's.  Quote from Mrs. Zaaaa, "These are so good.....want some more.  These would make unbelievable cookies.  These are absolutely stinkin' rotten delicious"  C'mon Mrs. Zaaaa, stay on task here.  

Here is Mrs. Zaaaa's review of the pep and cheese:

" I have to say my second go at the Licking County pepp and cheese wasn't much better than my first. While the overall flavor was better, some of it's individual attributes were lacking. The crust was thin, plain (no cornmeal or seasoning) and chokingly dry around the edges. I had no desire to re-purpose my crust as a bread stick for fear i would run out of my beverage before I was able to get it down the pipes. The pepperoni coverage was consistent and very evenly spaced. There was a hint of Parmesan in the cheese topping, which i found to get cold quickly and peel right off the slice leaving me with tomato coated crust. I would have loved some good gooey, chin dripping cheese to fight with. The seasoning was minimal missing my favorite dose of garlic. Reheating the pizza helped create a more flexible crust and a better melt on the cheese. I wouldn't recommend eating this pizza cold for breakfast unless you plan on soaking it with juice or syrup. Too dry and like cardboard for a cold snack. Back to the M & M's. They make me happy!!"

Mrs. Zaaaa is a tough customer.  When she finally touts a great pep pizza, it will truly be a culinary accomplishment.  Stay tuned...

Our wine for this evening came directly from our "wine cabinet".  This is where Mr. & Mrs. Zaaaa stash their gift know what that is...the wine given as gifts by well-intended friends and casual acquaintances on holidays or as part of invited visits to our humble abode.  We currently have six bottles in our stash, so we took one down and decided it would be our wine de jour.  We selected Black Swan Merlot 2009.  Very nice.  I went online to find a fancy review of this fine vintage and found one at a website called  Very nice.  This is a website that only reviews wine costing $5 or less.  Very nice.  It's wonderful to know that our friends will only gift (or maybe regift) the finest the vineyard industry has to offer.  Now I just wish I could remember which of our generous friends gave us this fine vessel.  I enjoyed the poly-styrene cork.  Much better than the twist off cap I am used to on my Tickle Pink, and it allows me to use a cork-screw to access this nectar.  

I'm thinking this wine can double as a decent balsamic vinegar.  It was a bit on the bitter side, but I shan't complain.  The aforementioned website rated this wine as a five out of five stars.  I will never argue with   Great concept...great website...therefore, great wine.  See ya next week.   

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