Sunday, October 14, 2012

Joe and Mimi's

It's a Sunday night bonus for the Zaaaa's!!!  Tonight we try a bit of a newcomer in terms of Licking County pizza.  The Mrs. and I, in our search for Licking County's best pizza, are trying Joe and Mimi's pizza in Granville.

943 River Road  Granville, OH 43023
(740) 588-3358
  Joe and Mimi's Pizzeria - Granville, OH

Joe and Mimi's has been around less than a year, but it has earned a bit of a following with the local set.  When we called we were told that they were known for their straight pepperoni pizza, so we had to get one of those.  Mrs. Zaaaa also had a hankerin' for a Margherita pizza, so she ordered a small one of those.

First the pepperoni:

The pepperoni pizza was impressive.  By far the best standard pepperoni we have sampled to date (October  14, 2012).  Of all the pizzas we've had, Joe and Mimi's crust was the best.  Their New York crust was perfect, fresh, and was so good, it was a highlight of the pizza.  Crust has to be pretty incredible to be a highlight of a pizza....just sayin'.

Joe and Mimi's pepperoni's stand out as well.  They are close to palm sized--no kidding, and are appropriately placed atop the pie.  For a standard pepp pizza, J&M's had a more than average amount of cheese.  Nothing more disappointing than wishing you had ordered extra cheese because the normal amount just doesn't cut it.  That is NOT the case with Joe and Mimi's.  Ample cheese, large peps, fresh incredible crust, and a nice amount of garlic in the sauce to let you know you are eating Italian.  Joe and Mimi's pepperoni pizza is very strong for folks who want an old standard that doesn't taste old or standard.  By the way,  Junior Zaaaa says, "I thought the pepperoni was fantastic."  Another Zaaaa impressed...

Mrs. Zaaaa has had a rough weekend, so we wanted to give her another night of pie.  Tonight, she provides the Margherita commentary:

"Not so much a rough weekend, just full of cleaning projects....not fun. The Margherita pizza was quite lovely on the eyes. I could see the fresh mozzarella and smell the fresh basil. The pizza was New York style, which meant large triangular pieces and a nice foldable crust. Finally a sauce that didn't taste like tomato straight out of the can. The sauce had a hint of garlic but the true star was the large basil leaves evenly distributed on the pizza. Along with the basil and mozzarella were slices of Roma tomatoes that held up well. (some tomatoes fall away from the skin when cooked, not these) Although it was New York style, I deferred from folding and shoveling in,  to the knife and fork method. So far, this has been one of my favorite Licking County samplings. The pizza is good, the staff is friendly and helpful and they are conveniently located.   I shall sleep well with my belly full of Joe & Mimi's za. Perfect closure for my weekend chores. (PS: the cheese and spinach calzone is delicious too!)"

As far as wine goes tonight, we took a pass.  It is Sunday, you know.  We'll be back in the discount vino saddle next week.  See ya soon.

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