Friday, October 5, 2012

Dan's Family Pizza

Dan's Family Pizza  -- Newark, OH
400 West Main Street  Newark, OH 43055
(740) 349-8549

You cannot get Dan's pizza without getting a BLT pizza.  This is by far the best BLT pizza we've had in Licking County.  By the way, in case some of you don't know, BLT pizza is a bit of a Licking County specialty.  Many joints offer this artery clogger in some form.  Dan's is the best.  The right amount of bacon, nice and still crunchy lettuce, chunks of diced tomato (fresh), pizza sauce, and oodles of mayo placed between two (count them) two pizza crusts.  If you love bacon, if you love BLTs, and if you love pizza, this is a little bit of hog heaven (pun intended).  Dan's crust is homemade and delicious, amplifying the taste, texture and experience.

We also ordered a standard pepperoni pizza from Dan's. We did this to make sure there is a standard pizza from all places from which we consume.  Mrs. Zaaaa will provide her commentary.  (Mrs. Zaaaa is pure Cleveland Italian.  She knows her pie.  Listen up!)

Mrs.  Zaaaa says:
"Not the best pepp pizza I've ever had, but not the worst. The pizza had a thin crust. At first look, the pepperoni was adequate in quantity but certainly no Donato's Founder's Favorite. The cheese was thin,almost sparse and the pizza was lacking in the spice department. My wish is that this za will taste better cold in the morning."

By the way, we also tried a new wine with our pie.  We'll try to do that each week as well, but don't expect a soliloquy on the woody overtones and a finish that has a hint of nutmeg.  Not happenin' in Lickin' County.  Tonight's wine was Charles Shaw Merlot 2011......yep 2 buck Chuck.  Never had it.  Had to try it.  It was actually $3.79 at Trader Joe's.  It was red wine.  It was wet.  And it was worth every penny we paid for it.  Admittedly, that's not saying much, but I can tell you I was much happier when the bottle was gone than when we opened it.  If that isn't a true test of a wine's worth, I don't know what is.  By the way, I thought I perceived a bit of chocolate and cinnamon in the wine's finish, but Mrs. Zaaaa then informed me that the dog had just farted, so I'm thinking maybe not..... More to come next week.

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In Search of Licking County's Best Pizza


How many Pizza Places are in Licking County?  30?  50?  100?  I'm not really sure, but I am sure that there are many pies out there in our sleepy little county.  I also have a hunch that the quality of the pizza in this county varies greatly.  My mission (and that of Mrs. Zaaaa) is to try, sample, consume and evaluate pizza from every pizza joint in the county.  Now I am not looking to sample pies from chains like the Hut or Papa's or anything owned by a Grote.  This effort is about non-chain pizzas in Licking County.

Each week, we will try a different pizza.  We'll rate it and share some pithy commentary.  We will keep a running list of where we've been and try to always maintain and publish our Top Ten List.   That way, you'll always know what we feel is the best pizza in Licking County....or at least the best one we've tried so far.

You can help out greatly.  Tell us when we are spot on with our evaluation.  Tell us when we are just plain wrong, and suggest where we need to go next to find that perfect (or not so perfect) pie.   First on our list is an old favorite. Read on....