Friday, October 5, 2012

In Search of Licking County's Best Pizza


How many Pizza Places are in Licking County?  30?  50?  100?  I'm not really sure, but I am sure that there are many pies out there in our sleepy little county.  I also have a hunch that the quality of the pizza in this county varies greatly.  My mission (and that of Mrs. Zaaaa) is to try, sample, consume and evaluate pizza from every pizza joint in the county.  Now I am not looking to sample pies from chains like the Hut or Papa's or anything owned by a Grote.  This effort is about non-chain pizzas in Licking County.

Each week, we will try a different pizza.  We'll rate it and share some pithy commentary.  We will keep a running list of where we've been and try to always maintain and publish our Top Ten List.   That way, you'll always know what we feel is the best pizza in Licking County....or at least the best one we've tried so far.

You can help out greatly.  Tell us when we are spot on with our evaluation.  Tell us when we are just plain wrong, and suggest where we need to go next to find that perfect (or not so perfect) pie.   First on our list is an old favorite. Read on....

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